How to use BlackBerry Messenger on Your Smartphone

The BlackBerry Messenger or BBM has long been a major attraction for BlackBerry users, providing them a convenient, free (apart from service charges) and secure way to interact with other BlackBerry users, without actually having to exchange numbers. While the service was very exclusive earlier, only available to BlackBerry users with BBM plans, the demise of parent company Research in Motion has led to BBM becoming available for major smartphone platforms, including iOS and Android. If you have been hoping to try out BBM, there is no time better than now.


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    Whether you are using a BlackBerry, an iPhone or an Android device, BBM is in the form of an application, which in the case of the latter two devices, you will need to download from their respective app stores.  Since the app is free to download, you will only need internet access and you can use either a data connection or a Wi-Fi network.

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    After downloading the BBM app, run it and you will be greeted with a welcome screen, prompting you to either sign in with an existing BlackBerry ID or create a new one. When you are creating an ID, you will need to enter your e-mail address, a password for BBM, question for recovery of ID, your location and date of birth.

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    Once you have successfully created a BlackBerry ID, the app will show you your BBM Pin, which is essentially your 8-digit alphanumeric contact code. You will be giving out this pin to people who want to contact you, which means your personal contact number does not need to be shared.

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    Now you can start inviting your existing contacts using a barcode, e-mail addresses, text messages and BBM pins. After successfully adding people to your contacts, you can view them in your contact list and choose to chat with them.The text entry field also has media attachment buttons that allow you to send digital media in your messages, like photos and voice notes.

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    If you tap on your username from the main screen you will be taken to your profile page which can be customized. You can change your existing username, add text and change your online status from your profile page. You can also upload your own photo and copy your pin number to share it with others.

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