How to Get Free Games on your iPhone

One thing great about iPhone is the amazing number of apps and games that are available for free. There are some great choices for everyone which will cost you nothing. The best thing about iPhone games is that they are not your daily dose of free gaming experience but have great graphics and excellent background scores and sound effects.

Although you may need to pay a certain fee to download the full version, it is still your way to determine whether the game is worthy enough to be bought for a small price. Apple has indeed transformed the smartphone market where users have easy access to thousands of applications and games, with many absolutely free of cost. The App Store certainly offers everyone a taste of everything, with games popular among all age groups.


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    Turn on the iPhone before you can avail any of the service. Look for the App Store icon and tap it on the home screen. Sign up for an Apple ID, if you don’t already have one as you’ll need to do that before downloading any game or application from the App Store. Invariably, you will be asked to sign up if you are using it for the first time. You can further do it from your device or use the ITunes ID of your computer

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    Having signed up, you are now good to go. Click the ‘Categories’ icon which you can see at the bottom of your screen and select ‘Games’. All games, including free, will be displayed and you need to browse through all of them. Select the one which you want to download by tapping on the name or the icon of that particular game. You can read reviews and further check the ratings before downloading.

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    Now with most unpaid games, the word ‘free’ will be visible to you. Tap it so that you can install the game on your device.

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    Wait as the App downloads before you can run it. The download time will depend on the app size but free games will take little to no time.

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    An icon will now appear on the home screen after the game has been downloaded. Tap it and play the game.

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