How to Shoot Better Android Videos

If you have a smartphone with you, there is no need to buy a separate video camera. The latest models have very good cameras these days, useful both for photography and video making. A lot of people blame their mobile cameras for poor quality, but the phone might not be responsible every time.

The resolution determines the quality of a video. Sometimes, many people make videos without setting the highest resolution. As a result, the quality suffers. So, you have to increase the resolution to get the best results. Similar is the case with Android phones.

Before making any video, you must increase the resolution with built-in controls. Once you have set the best available parameters, the video quality will automatically get better.

There is no need to blame your phone all the time, if you have not made necessary changes to the camera controls. Here, we discuss how to shoot better videos on your Android. It is a very simple process.


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    After making sure that your phone is running properly, you need to hit the icon that looks like a mini-camera on your home screen. Once you tap it, the mobile camera will automatically start. It is always better to ensure good lighting before shooting a video, because it does make a huge different.

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    As you hit the camera icon, your camera, by default, will kick off on picture-taking mode. So, you need to switch it to video to proceed ahead. To do so, you need to click on the video camera on the far right side of the screen. It lies under the shitter button, right next to still camera icon.

    As you tap the video camera, the mode will switch itself, and a red button will appear in place of the shutter button. Now, hit the gear/settings button in bottom left of the home screen. It will take you straight to the settings portion.

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    A list will pop up. Select ‘Video Resolution’ from the list. Pick the maximum available resolution, like 1080p. The new Android phones do have the 1080p resolution available, but it all depends on the manufacturer.

    Select the highest resolution, making sure that your device can handle this. Having done so, you are ready to record the videos at the best available quality.

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