How to Make MP3 iPhone Ringtones

Many smart phone users pay a lot of focus on the ringtones their cell phone plays when they receive a call. Music lovers like to make their favourite or the latest songs as their ringtones. Although Apple’s iTunes keep you providing a wide range of ringtones, including the latest once too, but you have to pay for them before acquiring. So, is there a method that allows you to get your favourite ringtone or create one of your own for your iPhone without paying a single cent? iTunes have this built-in feature for its users to make ringtones out of the MP3 songs of their choice and it is totally free! It does not take more than five minutes to create your own ringtone from the songs of your choice and enjoy every time you receive a phone call.


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    The first step involves selecting your desired song to create your own ringtone and add it to Apple’s iTunes on your laptop or PC. You can add any song from a CD or download from the internet in MP3 format.

  • 2

    Once you have got your favourite song in the iTunes, right click on it and select ‘get info’ option from the list poping out.

  • 3

    Go to the ‘options’ tab to proceed.

  • 4

    Next comes the actual part of creating ringtones from your favourite songs. Go to the start and end time of the song, and select the portion of that song you want o make your calling ringtone. Ideally, a time period of not more than 30 seconds should be selected but you can make your own choice accordingly.

  • 5

    Once the portion of that song is selected, press the ‘OK’ button to finalise the ringtone making process on the iTunes.

  • 6

    Now again right click on the ringtone you just made and select ‘Create AAC Version’ option appearing in the list. This will create a duplicate track at the same place.

  • 7

    Return to the original song and repeat steps 2-4 but do not check the boxes next to the staring and ending times this time.

  • 8

    Now you drag the duplicate file to your desktop.

  • 9

    Double click that duplicate file and it will go to the ringtones section in the iTunes.

  • 10

    You do not need that duplicate file anymore on your desktop and it can be deleted, since you have it on the iTunes now.

  • 11

    In the end, synchronise your iPhone and you will have your newly created ringtone in your phone. Go to the ‘settings’, ‘general’, ‘ringtones’ and select your new ringtone.

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