How to Use Wifi Direct on Android

Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless standard which allows for a connection between two devices without using the traditional Bluetooth method. Not only is Wi-Fi direct used for file transfers across Android devices, it also allows for connection sharing. The main advantage of using Wi-Fi Direct is the ability to send and receive files at high speeds between devices from different makes and brands. If you have an Android device which supports Wi-Fi Direct, you can use it to send large media files to your friends within no time.


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    Firstly you need to check whether your device supports Wi-Fi Direct or not. You can open up the Settings menu and navigate to the Wireless and Networks tab. This section includes all the communication features your device supports. If Wi-Fi direct is listed here, you are good to go. If not, you can open up the Wi-Fi settings panel and see whether it has Wi-Fi direct settings. If you don’t find the option using both these methods, your device probably does not support it.

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    If you found the Wi-Fi direct option under Wireless and Networks tab, slide the button next to it and enable it. If the option was under your Wi-Fi settings, you might need to enable your Wi-Fi before you can access Wi-Fi direct options.

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    The Wi-Fi Direct window lists any previously paired devices and lets you scan for new ones. You can also tap the Rename option to give your own device a more recognizable tag.

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    Now you will need to enable Wi-Fi Direct on the device to which you need to connect to. Follow the same steps for the second device and enable Wi-Fi direct on it.

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    Once your device is done scanning, it will list the devices available for connection and you can tap on the one you want to connect to.

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    The other device will now receive a message regarding your connection attempt and if your invitation is accepted within 2 minutes, a connection will be established. If not, the invitation lapses after 2 minutes.

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    After a successful connection is established, your list will reflect the same and your status bar will show the Wi-Fi Direct icon.

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    Now you can start sharing any files, photos or videos you want between the two connected devices. Simply go to your gallery and open up the photo or video you wish to transfer. Tap the menu key and select the share option. Now, from the prompt that presents itself, select Wi-Fi Direct and the transfer will begin.

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