Zynga to Release Words with Friends on Windows Phone

Microsoft announced the arrival of Windows 8 Phone at the Windows Phone Summit on June 20. The makers of Windows also reported during the conference in San Francisco that there were now more than 100,000 apps available for download at the Windows Phone Marketplace. The latest entrants into the Microsoft app store will be “Words With Friends” and “Draw Something,” which are two popular titles from social gaming company Zynga. The games have been very well received on other platforms like iOS and Android and should do well on Windows 8 Phone platform. Even lesser known platforms like Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet have seen the games have a success run.

These Zynga games should be ready in the coming fall and will be competing against current gaming titles like Angry Birds, Battleship, Fruit Ninja and Final Fantasy. Originally, Zynga launched Words With Friends in 2009  and had an instant hit on its hands. The social crossword type game stayed on the top of charts for Apple mobile devices until Draw Something was released in 2012. The game was developed by OMGPOP and this new drawing game quickly overcame the previous leaders, currently having the most users for iOS. The whopping numbers are apparent from 50 million downloads the game had in just 50 days. This stellar success of the game convinced Zynga to purchase Draw Something for a whooping $180 million.

The entry of blockbuster games into Microsoft’s ecosystem is the first time Zynga has ventured into Windows Phone territory. The move is part of Zynga’s strategy to diversify its delivery platforms after many have pointed out the gaming company’s reliance on Facebook. A majority of Zynga’s profits are derived from its games being played on the popular social network and the company has realized that the relationship is good but the risks need to be reduced. That is why it has made a push into mobile networks and other platforms.

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