How to Create a Vision Board for the iPhone

Now a days vision boards have become extremely popular, thanks to Rhonda Byrne’s book called “The Secret” and the movie that followed. However, it should be noted that many inspirational activists have been using this extremely smart application for the last many years.

Usually, a vision board is a device that is supposed to stay on you almost all the time so it could keep you focused on the task at hand. Some people take it to their office for the day inspiration. So what are you waiting for? Create a digital vision board on your Apple iPhone today without wasting anytime so you could stay focused no matter where you are.


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    Turn on your iPhone and make sure the battery is fully charged up as the process could use up the bulk of your iPhone’s battery. Go to the main menu and enter the App Store. Tap on to the “Lifestyle” section in there and download the Vision Board Deluxe application. By doing so, you will be able to create a folder where you can keep images to motivate yourself. Additionally, the application will allow you to keep a list of your goals and insights. The Vision Board Deluxe Application is very smart as it can combine everything into an easy program. Motivational speaker Wayne Dyer has endorsed this program on a number of occasions.

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    Now find the Vision Board Deluxe icon on your iPhone screen. After going through the brief “Tell Me Your Wishes”, you will be able to see a cork board with notes and pictures attached to it.

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    Now consider tapping the box with two overlapping sticky notes located at the bottom right hand corner of your Apple iPhone screen. The button will let you view the slide show with each of the images appearing on the screen for at least two seconds. When you are done viewing the pictures, tap anywhere else on the screen to stop the slideshow. Now return to the main page by tapping the “Boards” button.

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    To add a picture to the vision board, consider tapping the “+” button in the top right hander corner of the screen. Tap “Add Photo” and then hit the white “ABC Write” text on the screen to enter a message for a particular image. Now tap the “Save” button to save the image and your message.

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    If you want to edit any information, tap the “Edit” button” in the top left hander corner of the application.  A symbol “X” will show up with each image. Tap that to delete images.

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