How to tell if Your Cell Phone is Being Monitored

With all the recent talk about government and spy agencies monitoring people through their phones and computers, it won’t be wrong for you to be a little concerned. The truth is that while advancements in technology have indeed brought us conveniences, they have also made it a lot easier for our privacies to be invaded. Most people these days own smart phones, which are remarkably powerful, but also equally potent bugging devices.

Remember, any picture that is captured using your phone’s camera or any voice clip recorded through the microphone will need to be transferred to the person or organization monitoring you for it to be of any use to them. Unless your phone is connected to the internet, there is no real way for anyone to access the data on it, unless they get a hold of your phone manually. Once you understand this, it will be easier for you to detect whether your phone is being used to monitor you.


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    If you face unusually low calling volumes or have issues dialing numbers from your phone, you might be a victim of bugging. When a phone is being used as a bugging device, it has to transmit the incoming audio to a 3rd party, for which it utilizes the same pathway you use to dial numbers and make voice calls. When the two data streams compete for space, you get errors, dropped calls and bad call quality. However, with faster data networks, this has become quite rare because networks with high speeds are able to transfer multiple streams without any issues.

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    You should be monitoring your phone’s battery use throughout the day. If you are running out of battery unusually fast, it is possible that an app is working in the background or that your phone is constantly being used, even when you lock the screen. If you have not installed any applications lately and your battery is being drained faster, your phone might be monitored.

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    When your phone’s screen is locked and switched off, it is not supposed to be working in the background. However, if you pick up your phone after some time and it feels warm to the touch, it indicates that it was not shut down properly and was in use even when the screen was off. This can mean your phone is being used as a bugging device.

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