How to Change an iPhone Battery

Changing the battery of your cell phone does not seem to be a difficult task at all. You simply have to remove the lid at the back of the mobile, take away the old battery and insert the new one.

Some people find it difficult to remove the back lid of their phone, but that is not even a difficult task either. It can be performed easily by reading the user guide, which has the steps to go through every process.

However, have you ever heard of someone spending hundreds of dollars on getting his cell phone’s battery replaced? This may sound strange, but some people do not have any other choice and they have to get this task accomplished by experts.

There are numerous products, which function differently than others and you cannot simply function them like any other thing. One of these products is the iPhone, which is quite a handy gadget, but not the easiest to handle.

Although there are a lot of functions which can be operated easily by reading the user manual, yet some tasks can only be performed by Apple. So, you need to pay them and get your battery changed, if it is not working properly.

No one would like to do that, especially after spending a lot of dollars on such a device. Therefore, we need to look for a solution to this problem. Can the iPhone battery be replaced by a common man? The answer to this question is, yes.  We just need to carefully follow a simple procedure, which will help us achieve this task comfortably and save us money.


  • 1

    Remove the back lid and fin screws on the dock

    Once you have uncovered the back lid of your iPhone, you will see screws on both sides of the dock. Carefully remove them and put them aside.

  • 2

    Separate the panel carefully

    Next thing is to separate the panel from the display in a way that you do not damage the ribbons attached to the device.

  • 3

    Remove the cables

    Once you get a clear view of the ribbons, disconnect them with care. Don’t try to be hasty and take your time. After removing all the ribbons, separate the iPhone from the display assembly.

  • 4

    Remove screws from the motherboard

    You will now see eight screws on the motherboard. Gently remove them and you will see another ribbon attached to it. Disconnect it and separate the motherboard from the device.

  • 5

    Disconnect the camera and logic board

    Although the camera cannot be removed completely, you are supposed to disconnect it and then separate the logic board.

  • 6

    Pull the battery out

    You will now see the battery. It will be attached to the body of the iPhone and you will need to force it out.

  • 7

    Insert the new battery

    Finally, insert the new battery and repeat the entire steps to connect your iPhone.

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