How to Unroot Unbranded Htc Desire

A good news is that you can easily unroot your unbranded HTC desire, irrespective of a question why you need to do this. You can follow a number of ways to achieve the goal but be careful before committing yourself to the actual work. There is a risk of losing your data or even damaging software and applications of your phone if you do not follow instructions closely. It is always recommended that follow the instruction given at a genuine or recognised platforms, not by those published by cyberspace hacks. Also, when you start the unrooting process, download sync and other applications directly from the HTC website to protect your phone from any bugging effects etc.


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    Install HTC Sync

    Before you commit yourself to actual unrooting work, you have  to download and install HTC Sync. Make sure you download it from the official website of HTC desire. A number of third-party developers have applications available but try those which are available for HTC desire. Otherwise, the official website of the company is the best available option.

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    Writing Down Software

    After you downloaded HTC Sync, go to settings in your phone handset. Click on About Phone, and then software information. After you are done with this, write down the software or build number. Both are the same and you should not face any problem in doing this step. Try to do it from beginning again if somehow you are interrupted before completion.

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    Download ROM

    Next step for you is to go online and find a ROM that matches your software number. You will need to download the ROM to your phone. You will need to push Control plus F to find and download it faster.

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    Connecting Your Phone to PC

    After you have downloaded find and downloaded a ROM that matches your software number, connect your mobile phone handset to PC or laptop with the USB, and run the .exe file and follow the instructions. It is simple and easy job done for you provided you follow all instructions and do not get confused with offering a flood of options from open online sources.

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