How to Clean the Touch Screen of Your Smartphone

In this era of technology, everyone holds a smartphone or a tablet in their hands. Someone uses it for browsing, someone is addicted to games and someone uses it to read books and there are so many things to do other than these. Too much use of a smartphone’s touch screen introduces scratches and finger trails on it that looks dirty and affects your smartphone’s looks and visibility. To counter this problem you need to clean the touch screen every so often. This task is not time consuming but doing it correctly and flawlessly is the key because if you do something silly, it can cause the damage to your smartphone’s screen. Following step by step guide will help you to clean your smartphone’s touchscreen in an efficient manner.


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    Some of the smartphone’s are boxed along with a micro fibre cleaning cloth. Take that cloth. But if you do not have one then you can check either your sunglass’s pouch because it will definitely have one microfiber cloth in it. Take the cleaning cloth.

    If you don’t have one than you can buy one from ebay or amazon, and they are very cheap. They will not cost you more than a quid or two.

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    When the screen of your smartphone is bright i.e. if it is turned on then the possibility is that you will not be able to see the dust particles and stains very easily so it is recommended to turn of your phone before actually cleaning the screen.

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    Once the phone is powered off, take the microfiber cloth and brush your phone’s screen in a circular fashion. This will help you to get rid of finger trails and minor stains.

  • 4

    If there are very big or ugly looking stains on your touch screen then you need some moisture to rub the screen. You can do it by simply exhaling the air from your mouth on the touch screen or you can slightly moisturise the cleaning cloth with water and then repeat step 3.

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    After one moisture coating, simply brush the screen in circular fashion to dry it.

    You are all done. Your new and shiny looking touch screen is ready to use.

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