How to Make an International Telephone Call

With the latest communication means, the world has become a global village. International dialling has made it very easy for everyone to talk to their loved ones all across the globe.

Making International calls weren’t so simple back in the day. At that time, folks used to contact the phone exchange, and ask the operator to make a call. Things were really frustrating plus time consuming. Moreover, the dialling charges were too high.

However, the situation has changed completely. The procedure of making an international call has become really easy. In the meantime, the phone companies have decreased  call charges significantly, because things have become far simpler now.


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    For making an international call, you need to know a few things before you get started. The most important thing is to know the international call prefix. The code lets you make a call outside the country.

    Every single country has a separate code that must be added at the start of the number you want to dial. So, before even thinking of calling internationally, acquire all the codes and numbers.

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    Make sure you have the facility of making international calls. Especially when you are using a post-paid mobile phone, the service provider does not offer the facility, unless you activate the service yourself. Usually, the landline phones do have this option.

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    If you are using a landline, your service provider might be offering special international calling cards. Such cards are cheap, and consequently the user pays less money than normal.

    In case you are using a calling card, you need to understand that the charges might be different for each country. Furthermore, the rates for mobiles and landlines will be completely different.

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    After getting the complete phone number, it is  time to pick up the receiver. First of all, make sure the landline phone is giving a clear dial tone. It means that your telephone is working properly.

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    Now, dial the country code. As you know the code is different for each country. For example, you need to dial 001, if you are making a call to the United States of America (USA). The British code is 0044.

    A code can be shared by more than one country. For example, USA, Canada and several Caribbean countries use code 1.

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    After dialling the country code correctly, dial the city/area code. A mobile number may not have an area code.

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    The final step is to dial the phone number. Make sure you dial all the codes in the right order.

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