How to Block Your Cell Phone Number from Caller ID

The increasing use of cell phone has affected privacy to a great deal. Sometimes, we look for more privacy than the modern technology offers. If a lot of people have saved your number in their contact lists, you will be  hardly enjoying any privacy. The best way of making your life a little less stressful is hiding your caller ID.

Making your identity invisible is not that difficult. You just need to take a few very simple steps. And at times, no additional charges are applicable. There are a couple of choices available in this regard.

You can either hide your identity temporarily, or on permanent basis. The procedure for each feature is different. There is no need to buy any expensive mobile phone for this. Hiding your ID is pretty easy and an affordable process too.


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    Call-by-Call Block

    If you want to hide your ID for one specific call, the procedure is really easy. After making sure that the device is working properly, just dial *67 prior to the phone number.

    Including Verizon, a lot of phone services use this universal command to hide caller ID. As a result, the receiving person sees nothing, but ‘Restricted’.

    For example, you need to dial *67 000 000 000, if you are making a call to 000 000 000. Since your ID has been blocked, the person on the receiving end will see either ‘Restricted’ or ‘Private Number’.

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    Remember, you need to dial this code before every call, because it is a one-time-use feature. Furthermore, it does not work on emergency services and toll-free numbers. You can check proper functioning of this feature by dialing the number of someone nearby.

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    Permanent Block

    To block your caller ID on permanent basis, you need to talk to your service carrier. The procedure is called ‘A Line Block’. Your network may charge some money for this service. Activating this feature means that nobody will be able to see your identity unless you deactivate it personally.

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    Once you have asked your carrier to activate this service, you are required to dial a code only once. 611 typically works for the users in USA and Canada, but the code varies from network to network.

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    There are no hard and fast rules in permanent blocking, as you can make your ID visible temporarily. If you have activated the permanent blocking feature, you can still make your number visible for one specific call by dialing *82 before the number.

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