How to Backup a SIM Card

Losing your contact phone numbers with your mobile phone is a tragedy. If you have just lost your mobile phone, you will be wondering if there was a way to backup it up. Luckily, there is a method that allows you to create backup contact phone numbers. You can find numerous websites that will offer services and devices for creating backup phone numbers as well backup SIM card. But why spend your hard earned cash when you can get this job done for free using any old phone.

Things Required:

– SIM card reader
– Old mobile phone


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    Look through your drawers and closets to find an old SIM card phone. For those, who do not have an old unused cell phone, they should consider buying a new SIM card reader that suits their needs. If you want to restore the deleted content on your SIM card, you will be required to be the best quality and expensive card reader. For duplicating only the contact phone numbers and email addresses, buy a cheap card reader from your local electronics store.

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    Next, turn on your computer. Wait for Windows to load and add your control panel information. Use the card reader software CD to install the application onto your computer. Some latest model of card readers are plug and play and they do not require the user to install any software.

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    Consider switching off your mobile phone. Take out the battery and then the SIM card, which is normally placed right underneath the battery. Most mobile phones use the simple sliding method to remove the SIM card. However, there are some phones that use a pin and unhook mechanism for removing the chip.

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    Find the slot where you will insert your SIM into your card reader. It is recommended to read the user manual and follow the directions to simply insert the SIM card into the reader. The installed application on your computer or laptop will allow you to copy all your SIM card contact phone numbers and email addresses to create a backup copy of your SIM Card.

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    The latest models of SIM card readers are extremely user friendly. Some of them can be even connected to your mobile phone and computer at the same time so you transfer your contracts immediately. Remember to save any information regarding your contacts to your computer in a safe place so that they can be restored in the case of an emergency or your SIM card failing.

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