How to Sync Google Contacts With Android

You can use a lot of features on your Android-powered device. Furthermore, there are a variety of apps which you can download and install from the Android Market as per your needs. Some applications are free to use and for some, you have to pay online.

You can also sync your Google contacts with your Android easily by just using the built-in controls. It is very good for you to keep your Google contacts in your Android also, so that you may use them directly from your phone. Moreover, it will also provide you a good backup of your valuable contacts.

In this article, the procedure of syncing your Google contacts with your Android has been explained very well. In addition, the process has been discussed in a very simple way so that you don’t feel any kind of difficulty in following it.


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    First of all, unlock your Android and go to the main menu. Press the menu button on your phone. You will see some options which will appear on your home screen. The options include Wallpaper, Manage apps and System settings. Now, you have to select ‘System settings’.

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    When you will open the ‘System Settings’, you will come across many options. Find the option ‘Accounts & Sync’ which will be under ‘Personal’.

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    In your ‘Accounts & Sync’ screen, you will find all your accounts which you have made on different websites. You have to find the ‘g’ symbol in order to sync your Google contacts.

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    When you will tap the ‘g’ symbol, some options will be displayed on your screen which will include Sync Browser, Sync Calendar, Sync Chrome, Sync Contacts, Sync Drive, Sync Gmail, Sync Google Photos and Sync Google Play Books. You have to check the box ‘Sync Contacts’. Besides, this option will also tell you the last time when you synced your contacts to your phone.

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    Now, hit the menu button and then tap ‘Sync Now’ in order to add and sync your Google contacts to your Android phone.

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