How to Make Android Stop Adding Locations to Pictures

Android is one of the most widely used operating system in touchscreen devices which include smartphones and tablets. It is Linux-based open source software. Furthermore, Google releases codes for the development of the software periodically under Apache License.

Android provides many features which you can use according to your need. Besides, the Android Market has a variety of applications which you can download and install. Some apps are free and for some you have to pay a certain amount of money online.

One of the most interesting features of an Android-powered device is that when you take a picture, it automatically adds your GPS location to that picture. This feature is often very helpful, but sometimes you may want to keep your location private. This article will explain how you can simply turn-off this feature by doing a simple procedure.


  • 1

    Unlock your Android device and go to the main menu. Tap the menu button from the home screen on your device.

  • 2

    Now, you will see some options which include Wallpaper, Manage apps and System settings. Select ‘System Settings’ from those options.

  • 3

    Then, you will come across many options relating to your device. Scroll down the options on your Setting screen and find the ‘Location Services’ which will be under ‘Personal’.

  • 4

    Select ‘Location Services’. When you will open the ‘Location Services’ you will see many options on your screen which will include E911 only, Google location services, Standalone GPS services, VZW location services, Share picture location, Location & Google search. You have to uncheck the ‘Share picture location’ box. By unchecking the box, you will turn-off the feature which automatically adds your GPS location to your pictures in Android.

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