How to Set Up an App Store on an iPhone

Apple iPhone can perform several things ranging from becoming a USB keyboard to a torch. It can also be used for all types of purposes like health and fitness, games, calculate and many other stuff. However, you need to download for free or purchase the specific application to do that stuff.

The applications are available at the App Store where these are distributed by a third party.  With the applications you download from an App Store, you can perform several activities including opening your emails or carrying your work files anywhere.

The Apple App Store is an application distribution platform for iOS operating system. It is managed and created by Apple Inc and allows users to search and download applications from iTunes Store that are developed indirectly with Apple Inc.


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    Turn Wi-Fi on

    First of all you need to switch on your Wi-Fi. Find the ‘Settings’ folder in your iPhone and tap it. Once it is open, go to the Wi-Fi tab and turn it on. You need to swipe your finger to turn it on. Once it is on, it will search for any available Wi-Fi connections.

    Note that the settings icon is silverfish grey in colour and a wheel in it.

  • 2

    Connect Wi-Fi

    Next you need to find your Wi-Fi connection and connect it. Tap on your Wi-Fi connection and then tap the join button. If your Wi-Fi is protected then a window will open which will ask you for a password. Type the password in the given box and then tap the connect button on the upper right side.

  • 3

    Tap App Store icon

    After you have been connected to internet via Wi-Fi go back to the main screen of your iPhone by pressing the home button. Then find the App Store icon and tap it. This will connects you to the App Store.

    The App Store icon is a blue colour icon which has an image of A surrounded by a circle.

  • 4

    Search your desired the apps

    Search your desired applications after connecting to the App Store. Tap on the search button in it and write the name of the app you are looking forward to. You can also search applications through categories mentioned there including games, music, entertainment and event click the top apps tab.

  • 5

    Select and download your app

    In the end select your desired app by tapping it. An information page will appear from where you can download it. You may have to pay for the app or even directly download it if it is free.

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