How to Get Push Notifications on Android

Push notifications are a requirement in today’s modern world, where people want to stay consistently connected with their friends and family members in their personal lives, and with the people of their niche on a professional front. Any sort of notification which is automatically synced to your smartphone through the usage of internet is known as push technology.

Push notifications can be of various sorts such as emails, social media notifications, messaging services and many more depending on the applications being used.

There are various ways in which you can enable push notifications on Android, which is currently the most widely used mobile phone operating system in the world.


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    Latest Software

    Depending on the phone under use, you need to make sure that it has the most recent version of the Android operating system installed on it. The most recent update is the Jelly Bean one, which is also known as Android 2.2 or above depending on the phone model and make.

    Jelly Bean is commonly found on higher end mobile phones and tablets, and if you are using a lower end smartphone, it is most likely that you will not have this OS installed. The bottom line is that which ever version you are using, find out whether it is updated or not.

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    Phone Settings

    Finding your phone settings while using the Android operating system is not very hard. It can be found by sliding down the scroll menu, and if you do not have that feature available, go into the menu and search specifically for ‘Settings’.

    After finding the settings of your phone, go to the ‘About Phone’ area and check for ‘System Updates’. This will give you information on whether there are any updates currently available for your phone or not.

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    Sync Google Account

    When using Android, which is an operating system created by Google, it is important to have your Google account synced with your smartphone. Go to the settings of your phone like in the previous step and sync your phone through the ‘Accounts’ tab.

    Below the ‘Accounts’ tab, you will most definitely see a list of the applications which are enabled to send push notifications to your mobile phone, giving you the control of which applications you want to get notifications, and the ability to deny any other of your choice.

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    In order to get push notifications on your Android phone, an active internet connection is required. Make sure you have a data plan that can meet your needs, otherwise a plan-free internet connection can get costly.

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