How to Use an iPhone to Buy Concert Tickets

Gone are the days when people had to queue up in order to buy anything. Technology has made life simple for all of us and we don’t need to wait for hours any longer. Almost everything is just one ‘click’ away.

In old days, when there was no internet, people had to wait long to submit their utility bills and to do other stuff like that. However, things have changed with the passage of time and you can now easily do these things sitting at home.

All you need is a good internet connection and a computer. They are more than enough to help you shop online. You can simply search your desired products and place an order for them. They will deliver it to your home or wherever you like and then you can make the payment.

In some cases, you are supposed to make the payment before, but the product or service you have ordered will definitely reach you in any part of the world. This is how simple life is these days.

However, sometimes you don’t have your PC with you, as it cannot be carried everywhere. Even in that case, you shouldn’t worry at all, as there are a lot of replacements for that too. One is to have a useful gadget like an iPhone, which has got a lot of benefits. You can use it to shop online and there is no need to queue up for anything.

Buying tickets online is a simple process and you can easily do this with the help of your iPhone. It will not cost you any additional charges and will save you a lot of time, which is the most important thing these days.

Imagine you are travelling somewhere and don’t have time to get tickets for you and your family. This is nothing to be worried about, as technology has made such things a piece of cake.


  • 1

    Install a Ticket Stub App on your phone

    The most important thing is to install a Ticket Stub App from iTunes and that will help you search for the concert tickets you are searching.

  • 2

    Put the concert name in search bar

    You are required to put the concert name in the search bar and then you will get the desired results in front of you.

  • 3

    Click on buy online

    After you have found your tickets, click on buy online to select your payment mode.

  • 4

    Make the payment

    After selecting how many tickets you want, make the payment and the tickets will be delivered to you in your email.

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