How to Make a Conference Call on Qwest

Conference calls can be fun among best buddies on the weekend. If you are unable to meet your friends in person, having a conference call could significantly help you stay in touch with them.

With Qwest, there is no need to worry about hefty call bills. The procedure is pretty simple. After making a reservation, a toll-free number is distributed among the callers. Consequently, all the parties dial the same number to connect through Qwest.

It needs nothing, but minor communication and planning. One needs to take the responsibility, and make a reservation as soon as possible.


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    First of all, briefly talk to all the parties, and finalise a time for the conference call. The best idea is to have a conference at the weekend, when everyone is free. You must be flexible in timings, because you may not be able to make a call at the exact time slot. The reservations must be made well before the time.

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    After contacting all the parties, it is the time to call (800) 860-8000. To make a reservation, select option one. You will be required to provide your name, phone number and payment information. The service needs this information for billing purposes.

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    Once you have made a reservation, it is the time to contact your mates. You must write down the toll-free number and password, and then distribute it among the other parties.

    There is no need to call everybody. Since, you have already given them them information regarding the reservation, you just need to send them a text message. Remember, the other callers need both the phone number and the password.

    Make sure you tell everybody the correct number and password. No one will be able to join the conference call, if the password is incorrect. Meanwhile, the caller may get frustrated by entering the wrong password time and again.

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    At the scheduled time, all the parties need to call the number, and enter the password. Qwest will link up each caller, and the conference will begin.

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    Another simple way of making a reservation is using the Qwest website. Navigate to the website, and follow the instructions to make a reservation. Since, Qwest offers a toll-free number, making a reservation by phone looks more appropriate. You would require a phone to contact the other parties anyway.

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