Difference Between Windows Mobile and Google Android

Mobile operating systems have boomed in recent years as they are increasingly getting to that stage at which they will eventually take over normal computer operating systems. With advancement in technology, a day will come eventually when mobile operating systems dominate different industries and be considered more powerful in every regard.

Windows Mobile and Google’s Android operating systems are two very different platforms but are similar in the way that they are used to run mobile devices and take benefit of the hardware at bay. Android and Windows have both been around for quite a long time but it is only recently that Windows has rejuvenated it’s OS and is now a contender against Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android.

The biggest difference between the two operating systems is the licensing. Windows is one of the platforms that offer proprietary software, which in turn results in manufacturers paying for it unlike on Android, which is open source. Android uses Linux at it’s core, which allows for all types of phones to adopt it and use it according to their needs.

Windows Mobile may be older than Android but Google has come a long way now and is breaking records with their dominating presence in the field due to their Jellybean version competing with Microsoft’s Windows 8 Mobile OS.

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    Windows Mobile

    Windows has come a long way since it started off running simple tasks with smaller phones back at the turn of the century. The great thing about using Windows Mobile operating systems is that it is very easy to connect and sync with the PC you use at home, which is most commonly found to also be running a Windows based operating systems. With the latest Windows 8 addition to their lineup, Microsoft has shown its willingness to continue fighting against their competitors, making it better and allowing users to be comfortable at every stage.

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    Google Android

    Android, due to being an open source operating system, has gained much fame and recognition by capturing the apps market and being termed to be much more user friendly than others. Google is currently one of the most widely used operating system in the world and can be found running on smartphones of all kinds now due to the different versions which suit higher end and smaller devices alike.

    Newer devices are preferring Android due to its versatility and open source nature.

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