Top 10 Office Apps for Android Tablet

Workload is a strange thing when it comes to business world. When the workload is at its peak, it is highly important to have apps which can manage the burden for you. Due to the invention of some great apps and tablets, it has become easier than ever to perform multiple tasks at one time while keeping track of them as well. There are various features depending on the app, but choosing the one that suits you most should be the ideal way of going about it.


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    A file sharing services which has been around for quite a long time, MediaFire is great for cloud storage and quick access to the things you need on the go.

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    Like MediaFire, Dropbox has also become one of the easiest ways to share, store and receive files from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. It can be a little costly compared to other services, but is definitely worth it.

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    Google Drive

    Another well know storage service by Google is Google Drive. It is very easy to use and gives 5 GB free of storage space, which is more than enough for most moderate users. Anything above will cost you.

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    Kingsoft Office

    This application is amazing when it comes to editing, opening and working with various document formats from DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and Adobe PDF.

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    Astrid Tasks

    Astrid Tasks manages all of your things according to your schedule and is just like having a personal secretary. Through this app, making calls, recording videos and taking pictures is also possible.

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    Universal Password Manager

    With so many apps, login IDs, passwords and all that other sensitive information, it can get hard to remember about all that data. Universal Password Manager is a great free app which is made specifically to counter this problem.

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    One of the most renowned office apps is Evernote. Because of its easy to use and extremely modern GUI, Evernote has acclaimed many awards and high praises of experts everywhere for its versatility.

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    Springpad is one of those few apps which collaborates everything that is important to you when using your Android tablet. Saving everything from notes to articles, to using social media, nearly every thing is possible in Springpad.

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    Taking notes and not having all those unnecessary features is the key aspect of MobisleNotes. When the need to jot down something is of the essence, this app is the way to get it done.

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    Remember The Milk

    Similar to those other high end management apps, Remember The Milk has it all and is extremely easy to use without all that extra fuss. It is a popular to-do list that's everywhere you are.

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