How to Make a Prank Call from Computer

You have too much time on hand and you want to enjoy it. You are bored at your home and there is no one to talk to; well these are the best circumstances to entertain yourself by making someone else’s life miserable. Talking about the prank call, yes you got it right. You have to be naughty to perform this activity plus holding your emotions when someone is getting furious or deeply saddened by your act. You have to ensure that you are the person who you pretend to be otherwise the whole call can backfire. Moreover, making a prank phone call from computer is much safer than calling from your phone because it can hardly be tracked unless some hi-fi technology is been installed at the receivers end which can track down the link of the caller.


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    Make sure you can call from an anonymous id. Make a fake Gmail id. Gmail allows you to call to USA or Canada from their website. You can sign in to that website and dial the number that you want to play the joke with.

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    You can call through a fake Skype id as well but in order to call your Skype to a cell phone, you need to have credit in your Skype id. You can make free calls from Skype to Skype id only but not to a phone number. However, Skype can be installed on phones as well and you can make a prank call in that fashion.

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    Make sure that doing a prank with the targeted person will not hurt you later. You better know that person otherwise you might fall in a trap of some drug dealer who will track you down and play a prank with your life that you will never ever forget.

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    You need to have a fake name and everything related to a personality that you want to be. You can’t make a single mistake and unleash your true colours because you can get into trouble as well let alone busted.

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    If the other person knows you personally, change your voice a bit so that they don’t know who you are otherwise you will get caught very quickly and your whole plan will flush down the gutter.

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    Write pointers that you will say during the call and when you are ready dial the number either from Gmail or Skype.

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