How to Block Incoming Cell Phone Calls

Unwanted calls can be really annoying at times. The best way of getting rid of them is to politely ask the caller not to disturb you, but if he/she persists, you are left with no option but to block the number.

One can file a complaint, but it is really a time consuming process. The service provider takes a lot of time in investigating the case. And after investigation, most of the networks issue just a formal warning.

In order to get rid of this mess quickly, you can block the number yourself. No matter which phone model you are using, blocking a number is pretty easy.


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    Creating a group

    Almost every mobile has an option of creating a group. By generating a group, you actually create a blacklist. Put all the unwanted numbers in the group and keep mobile on silent mode. You can easily reduce your pain by adopting this strategy.

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    Call barring

    Call barring is another helpful feature. It is a bit tricky though. Including Nokia, almost every phone manufacturer offers this feature in its cell phones. Find out if your model has this option in the ‘Call Settings’.

    By selecting the call barring option, one can easily put a restriction to the phone. As a result, the mobile phone does not receive unwanted calls. Forwarding a call to another number is also useful in this regard.

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    Smartphone application

    Almost everybody has a smartphone these days. With smartphone, call blocking has become very easy. You just need to install a call blocking application and put the blacklisted numbers in it. The phone automatically rejects such calls.

    For example, the Android users can download an app named ‘Call Blocker’. After installing the application, create a blacklist.

    The application gives you the freedom to choose the way of blocking. For example, you can either put your phone on silent mode, or select the ‘Pick up and hang’ option.

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    Other Services

    Services such as Google Voice and YouMail can also help your cause. The former of the two is a free customising tool that sends the unwanted calls to the voicemail. YouMail also works in a similar way.

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    Built-in Feature

    Thoroughly examine the built-in features of your phone. A lot of phones such as Sony Ericsson k750i provide a built-in option to block the numbers. Once you add the specific number, the phone will automatically reject the calls.

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