How to Find a Mac Address on an iPhone

Media Access Control (MAC) is an address which is assigned by a manufacturer in order to spot the adapter on Local Area Network (LAN). MAC address is 12-digit number which is commonly used in the PCs to get the Ethernet access. Furthermore, it can also be used in iPhone in order to identify the network connections which it uses.

If you are facing a problem to find the MAC address of your iPhone which you need to troubleshoot for your network connection, you can easily locate it by performing the procedure which has been explained in this article. Furthermore, the steps have been described in a very simple and easy way so that you may not find any kind of trouble following them.


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    Press the ‘Home’ button of your iPhone and unlock it by sliding your finger across its screen. Now go to the main menu. Now, check whether the signals are strong or not by looking at the bar at the top left corner of your screen. If you see more than one bar, it means your signals are OK.

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    Now, find the ‘Settings’ icon on your menu screen. It is usually at the bottom of your screen and is grey in colour with a design of mechanical gears in it.

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    When you enter the ‘Settings’, tap ‘General’ from the list which will be displayed on your screen. You will find ‘General’ nearly at the bottom of your screen. Then, wait for a new options screen to appear.

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    You have to tap the ‘About’ option which is displayed nearly at the top of your screen. Now, wait for some time until the new options screen appears.

  • 5

    Now, scroll down the screen by your finger in order to find ‘Wi-Fi Address’ which will be located nearly in the middle of your screen. The 12-digit alphanumeric number, which will appear on your screen, is the MAC address of your iPhone. You can easily note this number down in order to connect any network programme or any device which may require it.

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