How to Choose an Android Phone

A number of mobile phone manufacturers are using Google’s Android mobile operating system and it can be a confusing process to choose a cell phone meeting your needs. All you need to do is arrange your preferences accordingly. Screening out the undesired features will narrow down your choice to purchase the most suitable cell phone within the limit of your pocket. So firstly, you should be certain about what features you actually need in your smart phone and what value added functions are not your preference.

Going through the following nine steps will help you out in choosing the Android smart phone meeting your actual needs:


  • 1

    Cellular carrier

    First of all, you have to select a suitable cellular carrier supporting Android smart phones. There are some cellular carriers which have ‘carrier-specific’ versions of Android and it can affect your choice of purchasing a cell phone.

  • 2

    Deciding the type of phone

    This might be a tricky decision to make. Android is available on the traditional cell phones with physical QWERTY keyboard, multi-touch display phones and the hybrid ones as well. Once you choose between your preferred cell phone type, it will greatly narrow down the search process.

  • 3

    Preferred technology

    Here comes the real part of your search for an Android smart phone. If you like taking high quality pictures or capturing your delightful moments through videos with your cell phone, it is better to go for an Android phone with a high mega-pixel camera. On the other hand, if you are habitual of frequently transferring data to other mobiles, laptops or PC’s, you better look out for Bluetooth technology or the integrated ports in your Android phone.

  • 4

    Memory capacity

    Every Android phone has different memory storage capacity and you have to choose according to your need. Consumers desiring to store a wide range of music, videos, photos and other files on their cell phones should go for Android phones with greater internal memory or the ability to add expendable storage via micro-SD memory cards.

  • 5


    It is another vital step in selecting your Android phone, as this will determine how responsive and faster the cell phone is. Higher CPU operating frequency will allow smoother multi-tasking and quicker responsiveness of the smart phone. For the best results, a CPU of no less than 720MHz is ideal for Android users.

  • 6

    Multi-tasking ability

    For the true experience of Android, you choice should be the cell phone with the ‘multi-tasking’ ability i.e. to use voice and data at the same time.

  • 7

    Deciding weight and size

    The size and weight of your Android phone shall be convenient for you to carry. A wide range of differently sized Android phones is available for the customers to choose according to their needs.

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