How to Backup Phone Data

Losing a cell phone without having any backup can cost you dearly. Backing up your phone means saving contacts, calendar and sometimes messages.

Imagine how painful it would be to recollect all your contacts. In the meanwhile, by losing a calendar, one can miss important appointments, birthdays, and other events.

People usually lose all the data after getting the phone repaired. Mostly with smartphones, updating the operating system creates plenty of problems.

In order to avoid a problem of this nature, one must backup his/her mobile phone as soon as possible. It is not a tricky business by any means.

Things Required:

– Memory card
– Backup software (Nokia and Sony Ericsson called their software PC Suite)
– Diary (with Name and Address section)


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    If you are using an Apple device, things are extremely easy for you, as only a few simple moves are required to backup the phone. The situation for the iPhone user is not that hard, because iTunes updates your device’s backup at every sync. In order to backup your data, just sync your device.

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    Once you have backed up your data, a very simple step is required to restore. After clicking the iTunes icon, select the "Restore from Backup" option. This will give all your data back.

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    Android also updates the backup when synchronised. After inserting the memory card into your device, open the main settings.

    Select the option that says ‘Apps’. In this menu, you will find several important options. After clicking Tools, select "Application Manager/Backup."

    Just a single push will backup your entire apps data to your SD card. Once the backup is done, you can easy retrieve your data by selecting the "Backed Up Apps" tab.

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    PC Suite

    If you are not using a smartphone, you need a special program to backup your device. Most of the manufacturers offer free software in the sales package. However, if the disc is not available, there is nothing to worry about.

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    You can easily get the software from the official website. Attach your phone to the computer through cable and just sync the device with the help of the software. The directions of using such software are available on the web.

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    Use a diary

    If you face any problem in manually backing up your device, you can use a diary. Just note down each contact and calendar details on a small diary and keep it in your cupboard. This is really the easiest technology-free method, as you at least have a hardcopy of your data.

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