The Best iPhone Weight Loss App

One of the major advantages of having an iPhone is the accessibility of a large variety of Apps, specifically designed to cater to everyone’s needs. If you are a health conscience person and want to keep a track of all things you eat, and amount of calories you consume on a daily basis, then you will love your iPhone as it has some of the best apps which will allow you to do so frequently, and with no excuses.

Indeed health has become a hot subject, and your iPhone will ensure that you have all necessary Apps to make your life easier and healthier.


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    Lose It:

    This app allows you to search for healthy food in order to manage your daily calorie intake and also keep tab on your exercise. It functions easily. Just insert your current weight, along with your desired one, and the app will give you a rough estimation of how to control your diet to reach that goal. Also there is an online community where you interact with other diet conscious people. Other amazing aspect of this free app is that it allows you to check scan barcodes of almost all food related item through its online database.

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    It is among the highest rated apps on Android, iPhone and is ideal for running, cycling, walking and for people wanting to track down distances. It will use the Google Maps to track your route, and further save your workout history, including your fastest and slowest times, so that you can compare your every move. The app supports wireless heart-rate monitors, along with audio feedback via wired headset.

    After completing your workout, you can also share it on Facebook, and tell your friends about your healthy lifestyle routine. While the App is free, you can also get the paid Pro version.

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    Nike+GPS App:

    This is not just another fitness app, as it allows users to track and record all of their exercise regimes under one app. Take a tour of the app after you have launched it, and you can choose three options, a basic run, timed run, or a distance run. Set your preference and you are good to go.

    The App is a treat for all those users, who are looking to take the online experience to a next level. Here you can not only share your exercise routine online, but use a dynamic feature ‘Path’ to link with your closest of friends. In order for this app to work on your device -iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 - , you will require iPhone OS 4.0 or later.

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