How to Pick a Cell Phone Plan for Kids

The number of kids with cell phones has sky rocketed, with around 40% of 8-to-10 year-olds possessing phone. While having a cell phone has become a necessity, due to various factors, ranging from communication to emergency situations, it is important to choose the right cell phone plan for your child which enables you to keep track of his or her whereabouts, and ensures that possession does not distract a child from performing other important activities at this stage of his or her life.


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    Family Plans

    Most cell phones service providers are offering family plans. These plans offer discounts for families which signup all their members under one service. These will include free minutes – calling and texting - and allow families to stay in touch on the go. Moreover, the monthly bill is shared i.e. a combined bill is charged with monthly allotment of calling minutes and free texts. However, make sure that you choose the right option, depending on your usage which will take into account local and international call etc. You don’t want your kid to consume all free minutes if you have some international calls to make.

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    Prepaid option

    While a family plan is considered by most families, one can find other suitable kid cell phone options. For instance the prepaid option is a good way to keep a fair track on the monthly bill for young teenagers. The option will include the same features but will not work after the consumption of a specified number of texts and calling minutes. You will have to re-charge the features. This way, you will be able to gauge whether your kids are excessively using the service, or only for emergency situations to contact home etc.

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    Unbinding contracts

    One can further pursue the option of buying a cell phone without contracts. Not only will you be saving money on upfront fees, you can further take back the cell phone from your child if he or she is misusing it. In other scenarios, some providers may give an online option for parents where they can control or monitor the child’s movement. If he or she is not misusing it, then they are entitled to get extra minutes. Else, suspend their service.

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    Kids-friendly phone or fireflies

    There are certain cell phones which are specifically designed for the young age group (8 to 12). The cell phone will have minimum features, but enough that will come in handy in emergency situations.

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