How to Run GameBoy Advance Games on Your Android Phone

Many video game enthusiasts born in the previous century may have gotten an opportunity to try out Nintendo’s popular handheld gaming device, GameBoy Advance. Despite its small size, it still offered plenty of entertainment.

Despite a massive advancement in technology since then and availability of better gaming console, you may be one of the many people who are still craving to experience the games from the 90s, such as Pokémon and Wario Bros. Fortunately, it is possible to revisit your most favourite GameBoy Advance games on your Android phone.


  • 1

    The first thing that you need to do is to get your hands on an Android phone with gingerbread software. Determine the latest operating system for Android and download it as it is bound to boost the overall performance of your phone.

  • 2

    Switch on Android phone and unlock the home-screen.

  • 3

    Access the web browser by tapping the widget on the home-screen, or tapping the apps icon and locating it in your app drawer.

  • 4

    Once your browser is open, type the URL for to open it.

  • 5

    Search for “slideme” using the Google search engine and click the first link that you see.

  • 6

    Visit the Slideme site and download their market app from there to your phone.

  • 7

    Use the app to download and install Gameboid on your Android phone.

  • 8

    Once you have the emulator downloaded, you need to download the BIOS for it. These are files that control the input and output operations of a software or programme. The Gameboid will not be functional without these files. It is not legal to distribute these files, so you will have to make an effort on your own to search for them.

  • 9

    Access the Google search engine once again and this time search for Gameboid BIOS. You will come across a number of links. Quickly go through their description to find the site with the right BIOS available on it and download it from there.

  • 10

    With the BIOS downloaded on your Android phone, tap your Gameboid app and specify the BIOS that you just downloaded.

  • 11

    Even though your GameBoy Advance emulator became fully functional after completing the previous step, you still need to download some ROMs to your Android phone. Use the Google search engine again to find ROMS and download them.

  • 12

    Once the ROMs of your choice are successfully downloaded, press the Gameboid app to start it, select the ROM you want to play and start having a good time.

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