How to Change Your Default Android Browser

It’s no secret that the Android offers their respective users a chance to use a number of different internet browser. For example: standard, Opera mini and some more (take Skyfire).

Though the standard browser available in factory setting of an Android phone is most comfortable to use, opera Mini and some other browsers can offer you way more control over the search tools, themes and choice of extensions.

Skyfire gives you an extra hand should you need some flash-movie preview. A similar situation may turn out with your mail client, music player, viewer graphics, with the desktop manager, but in general with anything.

However, some of the free applications have certain limits i.e. you either have to pay for them after expiration period or you have to download it again in case you want to trouble shoot the application.

In addition to the desktop manager for Android OS there are a huge number of browsers. Therefore, with the browsers many have a similar situation. Select Default Browser which is extremely simple, no settings required, does it strictly for what is intended.

The pinnacle of the evolution of such small but useful utilities for Android is the program DefaultApp Reset. The developers went ahead and decided to give their users a control over all the applications to trouble shoot.


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    Unlock your phone, go to the menu and search for a new browser in the available play store in case you do not have any other browser other than the standard one.

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    Once you select which browser you want to download, click “install”.

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    After installing, check the browser option and you will find out all the available browsers in the gallery. Pick the preferred one out of all the available browsers and check the “use by default for this action”.

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    To change the default browser in Android, you must go to the "Settings" -> "Applications" -> "Manage applications", find and select the application you want to set as your default browser.

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    In the properties of the application click on "Remove the default settings." Then, you will see a dialog box containing the downloaded and pre-existed programs from which you can set your default browser. This manual approach is generally to change the association of any files in Android.

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