How to Sync Android to Pc

Android does not have a built in capability to synchronize with personal computers. Basically Android uses Google account features that synchronizes contacts/ emails and calendar entries directly to your Google account through the internet.

So if you want to synchronize your Android with your personal computer, you will have to use third party software on the computer, and a corresponding application on your Android device to bridge the gap between these two. There are many types of software available online for free that offers such services.


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    Go to the website and download the third party software

    First of all, go to the developer’s website and download the software in the personal computer. For Mark space visit the URL and click on “Missing sync for Android” link. Similarly if you want to use any other software you will have to follow the same steps for the said software. For example to use Companion Link type in the address bar and hit enter. Here find the title “Android Sync” and download it from that link. For Mobile Action go to the address and click on “Android Sync Manager”. Download and install the software on your personal computer. Restart the windows for the changes to take effect.

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    Installing the required application on your Android phone

    In your home screen tap on the Applications icon and find Android Market/ Google Play in the applications list. Open the Android market and search for the name and developer of the Software that you installed on the computer. You can also find the link to the Application directly from the developer’s website. Tap on the required App and press “Free” to install the free version of the Application on your device.

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    Connecting the phone to the computer

    Now connect both your computer and the Android phone to the same wireless network. Run both the App in the phone, and the software on the computer. Click on “Sync” button on the computer to complete the synchronization.

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