How to Keep Track Of Your Cell Phone Minutes

Keeping up with your cell phone minutes can become really hard, if you don’t bother keeping track of time. This will result in you going over your credit, and the cell phone company will make you pay more for the extra minutes you consumed.

A few cell phone companies provide roll over minutes that is, you can use last month’s remaining extra minutes in the next month. This package is really good and convenient, but only a handful of companies offer this great plan. However, there are several ways to keep notice of your cell phone minutes.


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    What is the limit for your cell phone minutes?

    Ask the cell phone company about the number of minutes that you can avail during a month. On the other hand, also find out the date your minutes begin counting every month, and the date the minutes’ time end.

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    Contact number to keep notice of your cell phone minutes

    Find your cell phone company distinct telephone number in order to keep a track of your cell phone minutes. Save the number on your cell phone address book, set the speed dial number for it and you are prepared to stay in touch with them with much ease. In this fashion, you can track your minutes on a regular basis. Moreover, you can also check it a number of times to suit yourself. You can check it once or twice daily depending on how many times you want to track your minutes.

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    Dial your special number to check minutes

    Find out about your minutes by contacting on the special number to see your minutes. Nobody will answer to your call, but you will receive a text displaying your number of minutes, the date and the time you have been consuming during the month. You will need to note down this important piece of information on a sheet, and put that paper on your refrigerator by using a magnet.

    Whenever you call this number you can add minutes you have consumed the following day. Write down the month, time, number of the day and the amount of minutes you have consumed. Keep doing this until the end of the present month. By following this plan, you will maintain track of your minutes used every month. Therefore, it is important to follow this procedure each month in order to keep notice of your minutes.

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