How to Connect an iPhone to Multiple Computers

You often need to transfer data from your smart phone to multiple desktop or laptop computers and this might be a tricky job if you have an iPhone. Shifting data from an iPhone is often considered a confusing job, especially when you have different other computers to do so. Problems are often faced if you connect your iPhone to someone else’s computer, as this will erase out your previously stored data in phone memory. So is there any other way to connect your iPhone with multiple computers for sharing emails, contacts, calendar events, photos and files? Well, Apple’s IOS is the most stable and protected operating system and comes up to all your needs. A straight forward solution of this problem is to use ‘MobileMe’, an app built-in your iPhone.


  • 1

    Setting up MobileMe on your iPhone

    Make sure your iPhone is connected to the internet via Wifi or cellular data, as you will only be setup a MobileMe account if your phone is connected to the internet server.

  • 2

    MobileMe will be present in your iPhone settings by default. Go to ‘Settings’ icon in your apps menu.

  • 3

    Tap the ‘Mails, Contacts, Calendars’ tab in the settings menu.

  • 4

    An ‘Add Account’ tab will appear in the ‘Accounts’ category and you will have to tap it.

  • 5

    A list of websites will appear, including Gmail, Yahoo, Aol and Microsoft Exchange but you have to select ‘MobileMe’ button to proceed to your real task.

  • 6

    Fill in the required details in the boxes provided, entering your name, address, password and description to proceed further. Remember your password, as you will need it every time you have to connect to multiple computers.

  • 7

    Hit the ‘Save’ button in the top right corner of your iPhone screen and your details will be saved in MobileMe.

  • 8

    Toggle buttons will appear and you can select the type of data you desire to sync from those buttons.

  • 9

    Conclude the account setup process by tapping ‘Done’ button.

  • 10

    Setting up MobileMe on Mac

    Open up ‘System Preferences’ in your Mac to begin setting up MobileMe on it.

  • 11

    ‘MobileMe’ option will be present in those preferences by default. Click on it.

  • 12

    Enter the same MobileMe username and password which you entered on your iPhone in the boxes provided and click on ‘Sign In’ button.

  • 13

    For customising your MobileMe settings on Mac, use ‘Sync’, ‘iDisk’ and ‘Back to My Mac’ buttons.

  • 14

    Setting up MobileMe on Windows

    Download ‘MobileMe Control Panel’ from the internet using your web browser.

  • 15

    Installation instructions for MobileMe will be presented on the screen. Follow those instructions and complete the installation purpose. Now you can share your iPhone data to your Mac or Windows PC anytime you want!

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