Top 10 Weather Apps for Android

There are a hundreds of thousands of android applications available for download on the Google Play Store. There apps cover almost all aspects that you may have to know about such as sports, news, financial and weather updates. Getting regular weather updates is very important especially if you are living in an area where you can never be sure about the weather. Here is a list of top 10 weather apps that you can install on your android phone or tablet in order to stay updated with the weather conditions in your area at any given time.


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    WeatherBug is one of the most widely used android weather app. One of the best features in WeatherBug is that you can while you see current weather conditions on the notification bar, you can drag a pull out for a more detailed description.

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    GO Weather

    Go Weather supports a very unique and beautiful theme. It displays live imagery of pertaining weather conditions at any given point in time and has number of built-in configuration options which you can modify according to your specific needs.

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    This is a simple looking, unique android weather app which will measure current temperature accurate to nearest tenth of a degree. Although it does not forecast weather conditions such as rain or snow, yet it comes very handy for wearing the right outfit when going outdoors because you know the temperature you will have to face before hand.

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    Android Weather

    The layout is simple, yet you will find all the required updates and forecasts in this android weather application. One should try out this app if info is what matters more than the outlook of an app.

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    Rainy Days

    This is the best android app for predictions about rain. Instead of linking directly to GPS, Rainy Days pin points your location from Google Maps.

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    Although the application is not all looks, yet it gives you very accurate 48-hour weather forecast.

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    Weatherwise gives you hourly details about the weather in your area. You can also get forecast for specific days in a week using this beautifully laid out android weather app.

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    Weather Dog

    This is a totally unique weather app as far as the layout is concerned since a dog braced with current weather conditions is displayed on the screen. It can be categorised as a one-stop app for looks and basic weather features.

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    The Weather Channel

    Although this app does not pin point your current location too accurately, yet the overall weather conditions displayed are accurate and update. Hourly weather breakdown is one of the standout features in this weather app.

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  • 10

    Met Office

    This is the best android weather app if you are living in the UK since it is an official release from the UK Met Office itself. The interface is literally flawless and you can use this android app without any fuss or complications.

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