How to Break T-Mobile Contract

If you are planning to switch your cell phone provider but a contract is hindering your way, there is no need to worry. Breaking a T-Mobile contract without having to pay any cancellation penalty can be very easy, provided that you know the right way to do it.


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    The best way to break a T-Mobile contract is to prove that you do not have proper service in the area where you use your cell phone the most, such as your home or office. Although T-Mobile has a detailed map of its service levels with respect to areas all across the country, yet you can claim that the level of service is not what T-Mobile promised when you entered a contract with them.

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    Carefully read your T-Mobile contract. Look for a clause which says you have a right to terminate the contract if T-Mobile makes a change which falls under the category of being ‘materially adverse’. Typically, changes which increase the cost of cell phone usage can be categorised as being materially adverse. For instance, if T-Mobile increases the rate of its text messaging service, you can claim that this increase was materially adverse to you from a customer’s perspective.

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    One of the T-Mobile contract paragraphs clearly says that if a customer’s mobile usage over a three months period is more than 50 percent roaming; T-Mobile holds the right to terminate that customer’s service. Make lots and lots of calls from a location where your cell phone uses roaming mode. Roaming costs a mobile company so much money that T-Mobile will prefer to get you off their customer’s list instead of waiting until your contract expires.

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    If a friend or a relative of yours is willing to take over your cell phone contract, you can get your contract transferred into their name without having to pay a cancellation penalty.

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    If nothing works, you can file a law suit against T-Mobile in a local consumer’s court as a last resort. But this will only prove beneficial if you have already paid the contract cancellation fee because there is no way judge will rule in your favour if you have not incurred a loss being a T-Mobile customer.

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