How to Watch YouTube Videos on Your iPhone

For those who love YouTube, iPhone is probably the best device to use. It is hard to question iPhone’s screen display, which is seriously the best one mobile could have. YouTube is a complete fun, as you can spend the entire day without getting bored, looking for the newest and funniest clips.

The technology has made life very interesting for the YouTube addicts, as iPhone gives you an opportunity to enjoy videos wherever you want. Apple is holding a massive part of the market, and one of the biggest reasons of its success is that iPhone provides great video watching facilities. The device lets the user have constant steaming without any major problem.

If you are not watching good-quality videos on iPhone, there is something wrong with your internet connection. Remember, Wifi always offers better speed than EDGE. Every iPhone has a built-in YouTube app, which is very easy to use. So, unlike Android phones, you don’t need to go to market place, and download it.


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    To watch videos on iPhone, find the YouTube icon on your main screen. Your device may have multiple screens, so don’t worry if you don’t find it at first. The icon looks like a tiny television.

    Having searched it out, you need to tap the icon. This will directly take you to YouTube home screen. It may take some time, again depending on the speed of your internet.

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    Once you have entered the app, look for the search bar - something very evident on the page. As you tap the search bar, the keyboard will pop up. Type the keywords, or the name of the video you want to watch. iPhone’s virtual keyboard simply helps you write the most appropriate keywords, like ‘Funny accidents’.

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    The app will come up with the exact video, or related ones. Since every video has thumbnail, it is very easy to pick one that looks interesting. If you have not got the exact video you are looking for, there might be something wrong with what you wrote in the search bar. So, make sure that you have written the right keywords.

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    Tap the ‘Play’ icon, and the video will quickly start. By touching the area outside the video screen, you can access tools, such as Fast, Rewind and Forward. There is always a slider bar right under the video screen, which you can use to pick any spot in the footage.

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