How to Reset the Voicemail Icon on Your Android Phone

Android phone provides your enormous features which you can use according to your requirements. Voicemail is one of the most significant built-in features of an Android phone. Whenever, you receive any kind of voicemail, you receive notification on your phone.

Even though, it is good to receive the voicemail notifications. But, sometimes you get irritated by the voicemail icon on your home screen which is visible even when you have no message in it. In this article, we have explained the procedure which you can use to clear the icon of voicemail without resetting your phone to factory settings. Besides, the process has been discussed in a very simple way so that you may not find it different to follow.


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    First of all, tap on the voicemail icon which is visible on your phone’s home screen. It will ask you to enter the password. You can enter the password which you have set before. In case, you haven’t set any password before, you can simply enter the last four digits of your phone number. Furthermore, if you don’t remember your password, enter any four digits and press ‘#’, you will get the instructions to reset it. But, if you still don’t get it, just dial the number of your mobile carrier’s customer service and ask for your voicemail’s password.

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    Now, follow the guidelines to send a voicemail message. You have to send it to your own cell phone number.

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    After sending, hang up the phone, drop-down the toolbar and then press the voicemail notification for one more time in order to call your voicemail number.

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    Then, listen to the message which you just gave to yourself. After that, delete the message and hang up the phone.

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    Now, you will notice that the voicemail icon is no longer visible on your home screen.

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