How to Add a New Note to iPhone’s Note Application

More than often, people tend to forget what they were intending to do, or what they had planned on doing.

This includes people forgetting things when going shopping, generally planning out their schedule, or anything along those lines.

In order to aid these users, the people at Apple have gone on to include the ‘notes’ application in their IOS, making it available to everyone who owns an iPhone.

The ‘notes’ app allows to make notes on the go so that you don’t have to remember long lists of things, since they are available to you at your finger tips, and will always be there even if your forget after you put them.

However, the app despite being rather simple, often leads to people being confused and more than often users tend to forget how to add a new note.


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    Go to app

    The first and most basic step is to unlock your iPhone. Once that is done you need to locate the ‘notes’ app on your phone and click it in order to launch the application.

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    Look for ‘+’ sign

    Once the app is launched you will be presented with a brown and yellow page that acts as an interface. On this interface you will have to locate the ‘+’ sign which is situated on the top right corner of the app.

    Clicking on that button will allow you to add a new note.

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    Create Note

    Once you click plus, a new note will open which will give you ample space to type out a new note in which to list down, or note everything that you wish to remember or recall at a later point in time.

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    Click Done

    Once you have gone on to type out everything that you need, you can click the ‘Done’ button, which is also located on the top right of the note.

    Clicking the ‘Done’ button will see the note get saved and it will return you to the main menu.

    This menu will contain a list of all the notes that you have created up to date, which you can easily access, browse and edit with a simply click.

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    If you want to delete a note which you feel you no longer need or is surplus to requirements, all you have to do is swipe your finger over the title of that note on the home screen of the application. This will show a delete button pop up on the right and clicking it will see the note get deleted off of your handset.

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