Five ideas to use your mobile phone more efficiently

Five ideas to use your mobile phone more efficiently

We love our phones and more of us are spending more time on the phones than ever before. Even when we are with people, everyone is still hooked to the phones. Here are some simple strategies, which will allow you to regain control over your time and be safe from the slave master called the phone

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp … Since the phone is turned on in the morning until the day ends, it maintains a frenetic pace of beeps and vibrations with different alerts. It is a constant drip feed , most of the time, a sound of a beep and hands go in the pocket, screen gets unlocked to see what’s cooking.

If at any time if you are in an area with no coverage, you keep looking for signals to come back, a clear sign of addicted slavery to our phones. The vast majority of notifications that sound in Mobile are trivial and require our attention. On the other hand, it is easy to think that, ignoring them will solve the problem, but no, a recent study revealed the devastating effect on the productivity of beeps or warnings, even when ignored. Once the mobile warns us of a new event, the evil is done. Follow these five tips to regain control of our time.



  • 1

    Turn your phone to silence or even off for an hour or two

    Although it may costs the world to come to an end, if the mobile is turned off for an hour or two, the world does not stop. Remember the times when your battery ran out, when it powered back up, the world was still standing.  As you may have I seen, everything has continued to function normally despite your phone being dead for a couple of hours, and in fact, you may have felt a pleasant sense of freedom.

    In order to be really at peace, you must do so voluntarily,  create those moments of calm in which no beep or vibration can distract you, it may seem simple, but it is not at all. Almost without realizing it, we have become slaves to technology that in theory had developed to make life easier. And so it is essential to keep a cool head and put the phone in airplane mode, or at least in a modest way to filter only priority calls. With this simple gesture we will check how to be more efficient and will take less time to complete the task we have at hand at that time.

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    Voicemail, the great ally
    You might think that the voice has lost some ground with fever of the hour called “WhatsApp" and the like, but the truth is that if used skillfully, voicemail can become one of our best allies. The principle is simple:  only attend to calls that do not disrupt the priority of the hour for us, and rely on the effectiveness of the voicemail to collect messages from all other incomings. Not to worry: after, once you are done with your priority list,  you can listen to the answering machine to hear the pending messages.

    Voicemail is a good way to save time,  ​if it is not urgent or if the call is from telemarketers, they will not leave any message, which will save you valuable time. All operators offer voice mail service, but it can be interesting to use applications like Libon, who not only collect messages but also allow you to manage the calls. The software notifies you by email when new messages are received.

  • 3

    No joke: use a 'SmartWatch'
    Smart watches are fashionable, and the bulk of experts predicts a bright future for these devices. Interestingly, the first thing you would think is a smart watch can still generate more noise and interruptions like a mobile, but the fact is that one of its main advantages is that it allows the opposite: silence the majority of notifications and usher only urgent ones. There are many users of Apple Watch or Pebble who are happy to filter notifications, and they configure the watches to set alerts, which can reach them now or are silenced for later viewing on mobile. In fact, the SmartWatch forces the user to force the facts to be more efficient in managing announcements, and those alerts go to the mobile to be addressed in times when you are not overwhelmed.

  • 4

    Mute groups in WhatsApp
    Users of WhatsApp not only use it contact each other but more and more people are creating all kinds of groups, family group, work group etc. Although you may not always respond to what takes place in the group, you may still read the feed. This is even worst, it’s like your Facebook friends newsfeed is now on your phone.  Best way to deal with this is either not join these groups or set them to mute so you are not alerted every time someone sends a message.  When you have the time at some point in your day or when you are on toilet, you can quickly breeze through the group chats.

  • 5

    Use the prerecorded answers and 'emoji'

    You may find it amusing but the ability to employ younger emoticons, and using them wisely can save a lot of time. A finger up as a gesture of approval can be a bright close for conversation and save us having to write a long text on the mobile screen. But also we save a lot of time if we record some answers that usually we use in mobile (you can do on Android and iOS). The main platforms offer the possibility to make pre written texts, which you can use later during conversations "okay, or "perfect, thank you very much" so you can answer in a few taps. Adding seconds and seconds, this option can be a goldmine for your  productivity.

    As you can see, there are many ways for you to control the usage of your phone rather than the phone controlling you.  There are also ways to do things faster. Have fun and please add in comments if you have other ideas to use your phone better.

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