How to Find People by Phone Number

Finding someone’s address with just their phone number isn’t a big deal anymore. Although, there are plenty of private numbers that one cannot see, most of the record will be available publically. There are different ways to find out the owner of a phone line.

One can call the company, and ask the operator about the holder of one particular number. However, this step does not work all the time. The company may refuse to give you the details, considering it as a privacy issue.

People particularly ask the phone companies to not reveal any personal data. As a result, you fail to get the whole information. A phone directory or yellow pages may have the entire list of phone numbers in the city, but it is not humanly possible to read the 1000-page book.

Therefore, you need to be very wise, when it comes to finding  people by just their phone number. Everybody must know this procedure.

If the calls are threatening, you should launch a legal complain, but first make sure that no friend is playing a prank on you. So, before making any move, you must try to find who is making those prank calls.

Finding people by phone number is useful in many other ways. A number of websites offer such searches these days. But the problem is that most of them are not real. So, always consult a reliable website in this regard.

The best choice is to visit the official website of the phone company. If the reverse look-up searches are not available officially, there is nothing to worry about. You will surely find plenty of websites just by making a simple search on Google.

Always ensure that the website is not charging any money for the service. Another thing that needs to be taken into account is that the website is not redirecting you to another site – something a lot of fake websites do these days. Including, and, there are many original website available.


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    Visit any reliable website, and add the required information. For example, you need to enter the phone number including area code, when making ‘By Phone Number’ search on

  • 2

    If the first website does not work, navigate to In the Reverse Phone field, enter the required information, and push the ‘Find’ button.

  • 3 is another good website in this regard. After selecting the Reverse Phone search, enter the phone number, and click ‘Search’.

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