How to Access Google Maps on iPhone

Google relaunched its Google Maps for iPhone in closing part of the year 2012. All those who have used the new Map App. have endorsed it to be far better than the iPhone’s own application to access the maps. The consumers are satisfied with redesigned interface, which is easy to access and navigate through. According to Google the download of maps through its new application had hit 10 million copies figure in first few days of the launch of application, which shows how popular Google Maps have become for the iPhone.

The company said in view new design of the iPhone by Apple, it felt the need for developing a new and simplified version of its Google Maps application that the consumers now agree that it never been that easy to access and use Google Maps on the iPhone.

iPhone’s own version of Google Maps’ application did not attract much response from iPhone customers, since it is not as user friendly as the Google’s new application, and a large number of customers have shun the Apple’s own Google Map application altogether.

The Google Maps are downloadable through Apples Store through an easily downloadable Google Maps Application.


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    Google Map Application

    It is easy and simple to access and navigate through in the Google Maps. You just have to download the Google Maps Application from Apples' Applications Store from your iPhone, install the application and start getting maps direct to your iPhone. The new version of the application has even more simplified the entire process, and speed and efficiency of access and navigating through the maps has increased manifolds. Hitting the figure of 10 million copies of maps in first few days of its launch speaks about the popularity of the Google's new maps application for the iPhone.

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    Apple Application

    You can also access Google Maps through an application developed and made available by the Apple itself on its Apps Store. However, this application has never earned much acceptability of iPhone users. It is difficult to use and some of its features i.e. interface are not user-friendly. The application has never taken off in the market since its launch, and now with Google making its own application available in the Apps Store, a majority of consumers are no more interested in access the Google maps through Apples' own maps application. The display of information on the interface is also not easily followed, and there are some other complaints about the application from the consumers.

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