How to Send a Picture to a Cell Phone from a PC

Picture messaging is usually associated with mobiles phones but it can also be performed on a computer. This technique is perfect if your do not have a subscription to a picture messaging plan or you want to receive a picture on your cell phone. Consider using an online service such as Text Port, Text4Free and PixDrop or from your computer using a USB device. All these services are free and allow you to send a picture to your friends and family members. You should be using a cell phone carrier to successful send pictures from a PC to your mobile phone.


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    Consider navigating to PixDrop. You will be required to check the box next to the receiver’s mobile carrier to start the picture transfer process. You will be asked to provide the 11 digit phone number. Once you have entered the phone number, consider clicking the browse button right next to the Upload your picture button. Look through the folder in your PC and choose the picture you want to transfer. Send the image with a simple click on Send Your Picture Message button. Check your mobile phone to confirm receipt of the picture.

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    Sending images using Text4Free is also very simple. Navigate to the website and follow the instructions. You will be asked to enter the 11 digit number phone number you want to send the picture to. Use the scroll down field to see the list of providers. Choose your desired cell phone carrier.

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    Type in a brief message if you want. This message will be delivered with the chosen picture. Those who do not want to send a message, they can skip to the next step. Find the browse button on the home page. Browse the folders in your computer and select an image you want to upload. Depending on your internet connection, you might be required to enter the CAPTCHA phrase. Once you have done that, click the Send Message button to complete the image transfer process.

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    Using these different services is the easiest and most effective way to send a picture to a cell phone from your PC.

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