How to Access The Micro SD Card in a Sansa

Manufactured by SanDisk, a Sansa player is wonderful digital MP3 device. It is a small pocket-sized device that allows you to play digital audio files. Its internal memory isn’t large enough to carry significant amount of data. Therefore, the Sansa player offers removable external memory in the shape of Micro SD card.

Micro SD cards are easily available in the market in various sizes in terms of capacity. It is easily accessible. One does not need to be an expert to remove the old card to increase the capacity. Accessing the memory card is really important, as you can add the new favourite files after attaching it to the computer.


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    First of all, you need to turn off the device. Also disconnect it from any connections. It is not a good idea to access the card while the device is connected to the computer.

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    After switching the Sansa off, locate the Micro SD slot. The location of the card depends on the model. You can find the slot either on top of the device or on one side of it.

    If you have the instruction guide, you can read the chapter related to the memory card. You can also locate the slot by seeing the device’s images on the web.

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    Remove the cover on the Micro SD slot. Do it gently, otherwise you may break the thin plastic wire used to join the cover and device.

    Look inside the slot after removing the cover and you will easily see a small plastic chip. Gently push it down and the slot will automatically release the card.

    Almost half of the Micro SD card will rise up out of the slot. Grasp the tip of the card by using your thumb and index finger and remove it gently.

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    When removing the card, you are supposed to note which direction the little gold metal contact is. It is important because you will have to insert the card in the same direction. Otherwise, the card will break.

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    Insert the new card and gently push it down. The slot will automatically hold the card. If you find any resistance, you must be inserting it in the wrong direction.

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