How to Make a Recurring Alarm on the IPhone

Do you frequently run late for office because you forgot to set the alarm the night before? Fortunately, iPhone allows you to set a recurring alarm so that you do not have to go through the routine of setting up an alarm every night.


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    The first thing you need to do is to switch on your iPhone and unlock the home-screen by swiping your finger on the bottom of the screen. These are undoubtedly pretty obvious for someone who has an experience with cell-phones and an iPhone in particular, but someone using a smart-phone for the first time may find himself in a bit of a confusion.

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    Once you have unlocked the home-screen, locate and tap the “Clock” icon. You will typically find it on the very first screen, but if you have moved your icons around, then you may have to swipe the home-screen a few times to locate it.

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    Once you have tapped and thus opened the “Clock” application, look for the “Alarm” icon at the bottom of the toolbar. It is typically the second icon on the toolbar. Click it to open it.

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    Once you have opened the “Alarm” screen, you will see a list of alarms that you may have already set. Look for a small “+” on the top-right corner of the screen. You will not have much trouble finding it, thanks to the excellent display of the iPhone screen.

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    You will not find yourself on a menu screen which shows four options, namely “Repeat,” “Sound,” “Snooze” and “Label.” Tap the “Repeat” button and then select the day, or day, from the list on which you want the alarm to repeat. A tick will appear in front of the day, or days, that you have selected.

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    Tap “Back” on the top-left of the screen to go back to the previous menu. Select the sound that you want to hear when the alarm goes off. You can also toggle “Snooze” on or off. Label is basically the name or description of the alarm that you have set. It will appear on the screen when the alarm goes off, helping you remember why you set the alarm. Use the dial menu on the bottom to set the time of alarm. Be sure to specify AM or PM, a setting that some people tend to overlook by mistake.

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    Complete the process of setting up a recurring alarm by tapping the blue “Save” icon.

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