How to Save Space on Your Android Smartphone

Smartphones work far quicker than normal mobile phones. Nevertheless, one needs to take very good care of them in order to keep them running properly. The most common problem with Android Smartphones is that their software starts misbehaving due to low memory space.

Even if your Android phone is not indicating that space is low, it is always better to have a fair bit of free space. Proper memory space helps the phone function efficiently.

The latest phones are coming with plenty of built-in space, but still this matter cannot be taken lightly. If the phone does not have large built-in memory, saving the space becomes even more important.


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    First of all, insert a memory card into your device. Make sure the card has  enough memory. Now, move the applications to SD card.

    There are certain unmovable applications. However, you can easily move majority of the apps to the SD card. This will free up plenty of space for more apps.

    If you have a memory stick in your phone, a few apps will be installed directly to the card. Remember, when you connect the phone to the computer, the card is automatically disconnected. So, don’t ever try to move apps after connecting the phone to computer through the USB cord.

    The procedure of moving apps is pretty simple. After opening the ‘System Settings’, tap Applications. Click on ‘Manage applications’ to view the installed ones. To get an idea about the size of each app, select the option that says ‘Sort by size’.

    Select the heavy ones, and transfer them to card by using ‘Move to USB storage’ option. In order to move all the apps at once, install a free ‘App 2 SD’ application.

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    The second best way to save space on the phone is to clear the App Cache. Right under the ‘Move to USB storage’ option that you have just used, you will find another one with the name ‘Clear cache’. Push the button, and free up the space. There are a few free App Cache Cleaner apps available.

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    Uninstalling unnecessary applications is another good option. Usually,  games occupy a lot of space. There would be a few games that you don’t place often, so delete them to get more free space.

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    Including the apps, the entire data must be moved to the SD card. Sometimes, the device saves camera images directly on the built-in memory. Move such items quickly to the memory stick.

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