How to Reset Your Android Phone to Factory Settings

Android phones have become extremely popular in recent years and a majority of people prefer the phones over Apple’s iPhone. Many people do not know how to reset their Android phone. The reason you would want to reset your phone would be if you are willing to sell your phone or wanting to erase memory. You must go to the ‘Settings’ tab and choose the ‘Privacy’ button. You will find the ‘Factory reset data’ tab to completely erase the memory from your Android phone. However, make sure you keep all your important data intact.


  • 1

    Go to the ‘Settings’ tab

    Almost all android phones have the reset option in the settings tab. You need to go to the menu of your respective android phone and look for the ‘Settings’ tab. Once you find it, press the tab to explore more options in it.

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    Select the ‘Privacy’ tab

    Most Android phones have the reset option in the privacy tab in the ‘Settings’ menu. However, there are some phones that have the respective option in ‘SD and phone storage’. You need to check both tabs to find the reset option.

  • 3

    Select ‘Factory data reset’ to erase data

    Once you find the ‘Factory data reset’ option, select it to erase the data from your phone. It is recommended that you check your phone thoroughly before that to look for any important files that you may need in the future as once the phone is reset; you cannot recover any of the files from your phone. A good way is to use your phone’s data cable and store the important data in your computer, laptop or in a USB.

  • 4

    Select ‘Reset phone’ option

    When you press the ‘Factory data reset’, an option of ‘Reset phone’ will appear on your screen. This will remove everything from your phone including the Google account settings that you were using, the data in your SD card and all the other data on your phone. After pressing ‘Reset phone’, you need to press the ‘Erase everything’ tab and your phone will be back to the usual factory settings.

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