How to Lower Your Mobile Phone Bill

Surprisingly a lot of us complain about our phone bill being too high but do not take the time to look at what it is we are doing that causes it to happen. There are many ways to lower your mobile phone bill that is if you learn how to read the fine print because a number of hidden fees and rates can be included without most consumers even noticing.

You have to remember that in the end, you are the customer and have every right to see what you are being charged for and hopefully, it will help lower your phone bill in the end.


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    The Right Plan

    Most people, unfortunately, do not know the specific details of what package they are currently on with their wireless subscriber. That is the easiest and simplest way to lower your mobile phone bill because not all packages are for everyone. Everyone has their own needs when it comes to mobile phones. Some look for a package with greater internet usage, messaging services and calling abroad. If you are normally calling within national limits along with using barely to no internet, you are obviously paying much more than you should have to.

    Visit your carriers website and go over your package and see which one suits you best.

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    Capitalize on Happy Hours

    Every package nowadays has some sort of incentive for using your mobile phone at specific time periods and when in the need to take long calls, make appoints in advance with friends and family to save a ton of money. So check out what specific happy hours your plan offers and try using your minutes when you can save money the most.

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    Avoid Using Expensive Services

    There are a lot of services out there like phone directories and others, but you have to remember that they are pretty expensive. Each minute calling 411 can cost anywhere from $.50 to $1.50 or even more depending on the service.

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    Text Messages

    Unless you have a package which allows unlimited text messaging nationwide, stop texting so much! Seriously, it can get very expensive when you are not on a package and each text is costing you $.15. It may not seem much to start off with but as the messages start to fly, so does the bill and at the end of the month, you usually stand completely shocked at how your bill just increased suddenly.

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