How to Sell your Mobile Applications Online

If you are a mobile app developer, regardless of which platform you develop for, you will need a platform to sell those apps in order to make money. While it is customary for every operating system to have its own app store, there are certain pros and cons to each of them. Fortunately, you don’t have to solely rely on official stores as there are other avenues you can pursue to put your apps up for sale.


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    This is one of the fastest growing online digital goods selling platforms, and the best thing about this website is that you don’t have to pay any money. You can simply sign up for free and start creating your product pages (called billboards) without having to spend a single penny. Once these billboards are up and live, you can easily promote them and attract customers.
    After you develop your mobile app, just create one billboard for it. Take screenshots of the app, which will go up with the billboard so people can preview what they are about to buy. There is description section in each billboard, where you add details about the app, what it can do, new features etc. Once you are done with all that, you will need to set a price for the app, which is up to you. You can also choose to make it available for affiliates, so that other people can sell your apps and earn commissions.
    You can then upload the app’s file to the network, and every person who pays your stipulated amount will be able to download it. The payments are secured and you can withdraw them without any problems whenever you desire.
    If you properly promote your app billboard in your social network, you can also get featured in the website’s popular billboards section.

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    Official App Stores

    Platform official app stores are the more common marketplaces for apps, but they might not be the most suitable for every developer. Not only do you have to pay fees in order to become a developer (and sell your apps), you have less control over your product. In an app store, you might have to price your app in comparison with other similar apps and moreover, you will have to adhere to their rules and restrictions. However, if you are a professional developer who is not fazed by paying some money upfront and is confident about making it back, you can try this route.

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