How to Scalp an iPhone

iPhones are designed by Apple Inc. and are very high tech smart phones that are currently available in the market. They have a large fan base all over the world and people are crazy whenever there is a new iPhone launch. An iPhone can be bought online from the Apple website or from their authorised reseller. The very first iPhone was released in 2007 and the latest model is now available. A number of people want to scalp their iPhones for beauty purposes and others do it for protection.

Things Required:

– iPhone
– Table Cover
– iPhone Cover


  • 1

    Why do users want to scalp the iPhone?

    Scalping is done in order to add more years to your smart phone. They provide extra care and also offer improvements on your phone if it is in bad shape or damaged from the back side. You can also display your style through your iPhone back cover. This can be done by getting a sleek and unique cover to scalp the phone. This adds luxury, convenience and safety to your smart phone. On the other hand, it also gives you a firm grip and even if you use it roughly, the back cover will protect the original body of the phone.

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    How to put the cover on?

    First of all, clean your phone with a soft table cloth. After that, get a nice fashionable cover from your nearby market or order a new design to suit your style. Then after selecting your desired cover, scalp it on your iPhone. It is better if you get someone with more experience to do this job for you as you want to avoid damaging your iPhone. Moreover, if you are experienced enough to carry out this task, you can always do it at home and save yourself some extra money.

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    There are a lot of different designs available in stores. Some offer trendy looks and others are very durable. You just need to snap the case onto your phone for extra protection. Also, note that the case will not interrupt any of your iPhone functions and you can use your phone comfortably with the scalp on at all times. Make sure you choose a beautiful cover as people around you will notice the scalp and they might judge you by your cover. Remember that scalping an iPhone is not that hard, but you should know what you are doing.

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